Portable Toilet Hire for Weddings – A guide for success


Portable Toilet Hire for Weddings Image 1You’ve got your wedding date set for the Summer and what better way to enjoy the day that have an open air event.

There’s a lot of planning required to make the day special for all involved. Hopefully, it will be a scorching hot day, but what happens if it rains ? Where will you choose for the location ? What about the catering … and so on.

It’s a big undertaking and there are lots of things to consider. Organising toilet facilities, is one thing that you may need to consider and you’ll be surprised as to just what goes in this.

Don’t worry, our simple guide will help you get things right.




What do you need to Consider ?

There is quite a lot to consider when hiring Portable Toilets for your outdoor wedding. Most of these points can really be applied to all sorts of outdoor events. You just need to use a bit of common sense as to whats needed for each type of event. Here’s a list of things you need to think about:


    • How long will you need to hire the toilets for ?
    • How many guests will you have ?
    • Will the guests be mainly Male, Female or a mixture of both equally ?
    • Will your guests be an older age group or will there be a lot of children ?
    • How many toilets will I need ?
    • Where will they be situated ?
    • Will I need to get a licence for them ?
    • Will guests be drinking a lot of alcohol ?
    • What type of food will be available ?
    • Do I need to cater for disabled guests ?
    • What do I need to know in order for the toilet to be sited correctly ?
    • How much do I need to budget ?


The above list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of what you need to think about. Remember, if you use a company who are experienced and have a good reputation, you should always be able to ask for advice regarding anything you are unsure about.

Lets have a look at some of the above items in more detail.



Your Wedding Guests

As strange as it may seem, the age, type, number, and mobility of your guests is something you need to consider in relation to what you will need. For example, 1 toilet might not cost a lot but won’t be much use if you have a constant queue because you have over a 1000 guests. Will you need to cater for both Male and Female guest equally? If so you may want to consider separate toilets for each, maybe a urinal unit just for male guests. What about guests that are disabled or have mobility difficulties? So, to make sure you cater and take all your guests needs into consideration, have a think about all of these factors when organising your toilet hire.



Food and Drink

If you think about it, weddings usually involve a fair bit drinking by the guest. This in turn will lead to more regular visits to the toilet than usual. You should therefore consider the amount of toilets you’ll need to again prevent excessive queues developing. You should also consider the food that your guests will be consuming, particularly strong spicy foods. This may conjure up a comedic picture in your mind, but it is certainly worth thinking about.


Health and Safety

Portable toilets need to be sited safely on flat ground. Access to the site for delivery, emptying and collection needs to be considered and you should ask about this when hiring your toilets. If you intend to have the toilets sited in an area that is inaccessible for the delivery truck and discover this on the delivery date, you will obviously create a big problem for yourself. If you wish to have an electrical supply for lights or fresh water or hot water available within the the toilets, you will need to ensure these are accessible for connection to the toilets. Depending on where and how the event is organised, you may need to apply for a licence if this is not on private land. It is also sensible to check the HSE as to whether you are obliged to take any actions under current health and safety laws.


So how much will it cost and how many toilets will I need ?

This is not something you will be able to ascertain until you have taken into consideration the above factors. However, generally as a rule of thumb, if you had a 1000 guests for an all day event with alcohol being served, you are likely to need in the region of 10 Toilets, less if alcohol is not being served. Price will then depend on the type of toilets you require and the facilities within the toilets, i.e. lighting, wash facilities.








Need more Help ?

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